"Rage 2" Video Game Trailer Highlights Savage Action & Brutal Villains

Bethesda unveils first gameplay footage of Rage 2

Bethesda unveils first gameplay footage of Rage 2

Weeks before its annual E3 press event, Bethesda has released the first gameplay trailer for Rage 2.

When Bethesda revealed the first trailer for RAGE 2 yesterday, the first impressions were that it was insane, but many of you wanted to wait for today's gameplay trailer.

But for the record you play as the last Ranger of the wasteland who's looking to "crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all". I don't think anyone was going into this year thinking "God, I hope they announce RAGE 2 this year!"

The first "Rage" released in October 2011 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. This information was also confirmed by the official RAGE 2 and Avalanche Twitter accounts. Considering how Avalanche Studios worked on a Mad Max game before RAGE 2, it is not surprising to see their efforts being utilized here. Given their expertise with open-world games, we can assume Rage 2's world will be vast and full of interesting activities to partake in. Like the first game, it's another open world, post-apocalyptic adventure, but this time around it's being made by Avalanche Studios and id Software.

Even though the Rage 2 teaser trailer was officially released, the leaks for Rage 2 haven't stopped. Humanity's numbers are dwindling, and it's up to you to fight for what's left under the rule of the tyrannical force known as The Authority. However, the official description of Rage 2 provides some clues. It looks like we don't have very long until we find out what Rage 2 gameplay will be like! Bethesda has promised to reveal more about the title during E3 2018. As the last "Ranger", Walker aims to stop them using all the ridiculous tools in his arsenal. You can see a sand-covered desert promising a little open-world fun, along with a jungle location and a big mix of monsters and maniacs.

The trailer below showcases the kind of madness you can expect from the game.

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