Microsoft may release a tiny $400 Surface tablet to challenge the iPad

Microsoft working on smaller cheaper Surface tablets to rival Apple's iPad

Microsoft working on smaller cheaper Surface tablets to rival Apple's iPad

Microsoft, which hasn't finalized its plans, is expected to price the cheapest versions of the new device at about $400.

Meanwhile, the standard iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

They'll both be able to connect to LTE cellular networks and will run Windows 10 Pro. Sources say it will cost around $400 and will be accompanied by more affordable versions of Microsoft's official Surface keyboard cover, mouse, and stylus.

I asked Microsoft for comment on the low-end Surface hardware rumors.

And it's also apparently the playbook Microsoft is again working from now that Bloomberg is reporting the company is looking to debut a new, lower-cost iPad competitor with the Surface brand later this year.

However, the firm later discontinued the Surface RT in 2017. In the fiscal year that ended last June, Surface revenue declined 2 percent as the company faced lower volume sales owing to an aging Surface Pro line. In reality, though, people don't upgrade their tablet as often as their smartphone, so it's hard to figure out how many active devices each company has on the market.

Now what will be interesting to see here is that what processor architecture does this device comes up with. Microsoft was in second place with 26% of devices shipped running Windows, while Apple lost ground last year, dropping to just 11% iOS devices, down almost 4% from the year before.

Rather than simply giving us a downgraded version of the Pro, the new cheaper Surface tablet is being redesigned from the ground up. Basically, Apple is not a player in the education market.

The latest incarnation of the tablet integrates with Apple Pencil and is available for $299 for schools in the US.

According to Bloomberg it'll on have only four hours of battery life.

The 2015 Surface 13 is Microsoft's last 10-inch Surface model.

The devices should create additional competition for Apple Inc.'s base iPad editions, which start at $329.

Although low-powered devices often ship with ARMCPUs, the new tablets will reportedly sport Intel hardware, though chip specifics have yet to be detailed.

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