Service dog gives birth to 8 puppies at Tampa Airport gate

Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

Philly-bound airline passengers at Tampa International Airport were treated to a special delivery of some precious cargo Friday after Eleanor Rigby, a 2-year-old golden retriever service dog, successfully birthed eight puppies while waiting to board her flight. And the delivery ended with a big surprise.

Tampa Fire Rescue captured photos as paramedics and a member of the local police helped the two-year-old Labrador, whose full name is Eleanor Rigby, a reference to The Beatles song.

An airport spokesperson told Fox 35 that a woman and her daughter were flying from Tampa to Philadelphia. As Ellie went into labor, Nugget, the father of her babies, watched calmly.

Eight puppies were born in total.

Ellie, who was pregnant with 8 puppies, gave birth one-by-one with the puppies' dad, Nugget, also Van Atter's dog, right by her side.

It was a "ruff day for this mama at Gate F80", Tampa International Airport posted on Twitter. Luckily for Ellie, a team of paramedics were on hand to give her a hand.

"They were there. It took a couple of hours", said Jason Penny, Tampa Fire Rescue. Mother, father and their whole brood are doing well. Eleanor Rigby, a golden retriever service dog, was about to board a plane to...

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