Video shows cop punching woman on New Jersey beach, mayor reacts

New Jersey cops tackle mother Emily Weinman for drinking

New Jersey cops tackle mother Emily Weinman for drinking

Police in Wildwood, New Jersey on Wednesday released bodycamera footage of the violent and controversial arrest of a 20-year-old woman suspected of underage drinking. Weinman screams in the video, as she walks away from the officer.

The mayor says the body cam video confirms his officers did the right thing under intense pressure.

Weinman yells that she can't breathe and that she's being choked while she continues to struggle. What are you doing? "We didn't even drink alcohol", she tells the officer. She's heard telling officers it belongs to her aunt before she's given a breathalyzer test twice and asked her age and name. She insults the officers and tells them they're wasting their time.

There were a total of three body cam videos released.

Weinman faces several charges including two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following the incident at the beach on Saturday, according to Wildwood, New Jersey, police.

He also expressed frustration at the amount of underage drinking, saying no one is allowed to drink in public or on the beach in Wildwood unless they are attending an event that has received a permit to allow drinking. After a back and forth between Weinman and the officer, Weinman refuses to give the officer her full name.

On Wednesday, Troiano Jr. softened his tone a bit, calling the incident unfortunate. "If they were going to cite her, they should have said 'we're issuing you a citation for whatever, this is why they need your name.' But they never said that", Dicht said.

Troiano said the officers' body camera footage will show a different story, including the woman's spitting at the officers and kicking one in the groin.

The Class II officers who were hired for the summer season were reassigned to desk duty pending an internal investigation, according to

Her attorney says the officers overreacted and used excessive force.

"The number of people who think she got what she deserved is appalling", Dicht said.

The video shows police have the woman by her hair. And then I put her in cuffs and locked her up.

Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto said the camera footage switches on and off because Weinman "forcibly struck" the officer in the torso, affecting the camera. "I keep hearing this, you know, 'She's just a woman she's just a woman.' She's a combatant at that point".

Weinman has a summons to appear in court on June 15.

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