Trump lawyers argue to head off historic subpoena

Trump Lawyers: A President Cannot Obstruct Justice

Trump Lawyers: A President Cannot Obstruct Justice

"So I would like to convince them to exercise some, you know, constitutional restraint here". "It would be an open question, but gosh, I think it would probably get answered by, 'Gosh, that's what the Constitution says, and if you want to change it, change it'". "Impeach him, and then you can do whatever you want to do to him".

Giuliani said earlier on Sunday that Trump most likely has the power to pardon himself.

As far as a presidential indictment is concerned, legal experts generally agree a president can be indicted, but like Giuliani pointed out, it's the "when" that matters - with some believing it would have to take place once a president left office. "It is one of many absurd positions that follow from their argument. It is self-evidently wrong".

Additionally, the legal team presented a list of eight reasons for why the president does not have to be interviewed in regards to the matter. "And in America, no one is above the law, including the president".

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.

When asked by NBC's Chuck Todd whether he was asserting that the President has the power to end "any federal investigation", Giuliani replied "Yeah, that is pretty clear".

Trump also said he was considering pardoning lifestyle maven Martha Stewart and commuting the prison sentence of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, convicted of corruption charges.

Manafort, who was Trump's campaign chairman, faces charges of acting as an unregistered foreign agent and money-laundering conspiracy and also two false-statement charges related to information he shared with the Justice Department about his Ukrainian political work.

Both Sekulow and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed, falsely, that Trump had not dictated the statement, but had merely offered his son suggestions.

"If Mueller tries to subpoena us, we're going to court", he told ABC.

A private letter from Trump's legal team to Mueller, written in January, asserted what amounts to an unlimited right to halt federal investigations and issue pardons, concluding that a president can not obstruct justice. "This is pure harassment, engineered by the Democrats".

The Justice Department this week made a decision to release numbers on how much Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor's investigation has cost U.S. tax payers, and that number through March, the latest month they have numbers for, has cost 16.7 million dollars.

"He's not, but he probably does", he told ABC News.

"Well, of course it would be appropriate to initiate a prosecution", he said.

The theory that Trump could also effectively short-circuit the Russian Federation probe by issuing an unprecedented self-pardon, Giuliani added, was a complete non-starter.

Meanwhile, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told "Fox News Sunday" that President Trump's legal team will "take it to court" if Mueller subpoenas him as part of the Russian Federation probe.

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