Trump says he's ready to meet Iran's Rouhani

Iran Nuclear Program Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran Nuclear Program Mohammad Javad Zarif

The president said he believes Iranian leadership will eventually want to meet with him and added that he would set "no preconditions" for such a meeting.

"Today we are at a very critical point in history regarding the nuclear deal, and Europe's transparent measures to compensate for the United States' unlawful withdrawal from it are very important for the Iranian nation", Rouhani said after talks with new British Ambassador Rob Macaire, the Associated Press reported.

President Donald Trump's offer of dialogue with Tehran belies a hardening of US policy that intensifies economic and diplomatic pressure but so far stops short of using his military to more aggressively counter Iran and its proxies.

Mr. Falahatpisheh said it was productive to have a back-channel of communication with the US, but noted that the Trump administration's threats didn't make such diplomacy practical for now.

"Any little thing that can help the people in this bad situation, I really want it to happen for us", said Fathi, a young woman working for an insurance broker.

"No Iranian leader is likely in the near future to meet with a president who has repeatedly threatened Iran, insulted its leadership and violated the nuclear deal", said Ali Vaez, Iran project director at the International Crisis Group.

"They want to meet, I'll meet".

Mike Pompeo, the USA secretary of state, appeared to contradict Mr Trump on Tuesday when he said the U.S. had several preconditions before talks.

World powers and Iran have been working on an economic package to compensate for U.S. sanctions that begin taking effect next month. After all, Iran - unlike North Korea - doesn't even have nuclear weapons, the thinking seems to go. "Senior American officials have stated that there is no change in America's firm policy on Iran".

In May Mr Pompeo laid out 12 conditions for any "new deal" with Iran, including the withdrawal of its forces from Syria and an end to its support for rebels in Yemen.

It took about 112,000 rials to buy one US dollar on Tuesday, almost double what it cost when Mr. Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal.

But stating he has no preconditions for talks with Iran seemingly puts Trump at odds with some of his top advisers and potentially other Republicans.

Hours before Mr Trump's statement, Tehran ruled out talks with Washington.

The first round of sanctions, largely targeting Iran's banking sector, are set to take effect August 6.

Three months ago, the USA abandoned the Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA) and imposed sanctions on the state.

He had said "Never, ever threaten the USA again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before".

Falahatpisheh told the Iranian Students' New Agency, "Trump knows well that America has no power to fight with Iran, while he has no idea of Iran's economic potential".

Besides those restrictive measures, the White House has vowed the "strongest sanctions in history" on Iran unless the country fulfills a list of United States demands.

Analysts do not expect a Trump-Rouhani meeting anytime soon, pointing out that Trump has, for some time, been seeking to meet Rouhani directly without success.

But U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on July 27 the Trump administration had not instituted a policy of regime change or collapse toward Iran. "But I do worry very much belligerent rhetoric doesn't exist in a vacuum", and there is a risk of "an accidental conflagration" with Iran.

Hardline general prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said on Wednesday Iran's enemies were trying to divide government and people by creating economic hardship.

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