Kiki Challenge: UP Police Says ‘Not Every Challenge Is Worth Taking’!..

Kiki challenge is the new viral trend that youngsters are following on social media

Kiki challenge is the new viral trend that youngsters are following on social media

The popular "In My Feelings" challenge, inspired by rap artist Drake, has the internet in a dancing frenzy, and it even has this little dog asking the question: Kiki do you love me? The "Kiki challenge", also known as the "In My Feelings Challenge", involves jumping out of a moving vehicle and dancing alongside it to Drake's hit In My Feelings, while the auto continues moving.

The Delhi Police posted on Twitter the picture of a man dancing on the road alongside an ambulance with its doors open and wrote, "Dance on the floors, not on the roads!" Traffic officials while requesting the youth to abstain from such acts on the roads said, "Dear youngsters, Drive safe and Stay safe".

The "Kiki challenge" seems to be making headlines on social media across the world and in India, but police forces across the country are not amused. In Spain, fans can face criminal charges for the same and Egyptian police have warned that anyone disrupting traffic could get a year in prison and a $167 fine.

The violators are likely to be booked under charges of unsafe driving under the The Motor Vehicles Act, he added.

Mumbai Police tweeted: "Not just a risk for you, but your act can put the lives of others at risk too".

The UP police tweeted the same as mentioned below...

The police in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chandigarh have issued advisories highlighting the risks involved in the challenge.

"Dear Parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do! So please stand by your kids in all the challenges in life expect #Kikichallenge". The challenge went more viral after Smith and Ciara posted their dance videos. However, he also reminded his followers that the challenge is not about getting out of a moving vehicle.

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