Trump poised to re-impose sanctions on Iran

Iran: China

Iran: China "pivotal" to salvaging its nuclear deal

As of 0401 GMT Tuesday, the Iran government can no longer buy U.S. banknotes and broad sanctions will be slapped on Iranian industries, including its rug exports. The first round of United States sanctions on Iran goes into effect in August, followed by ones targeting Iran's oil exports in November. The Iranian rial has fallen to 99,000 to the USA dollar despite a government-imposed rate of 44,000.

The unrest began last Tuesday, almost a week before US President Donald Trump implements the first round of renewed sanctions on Iran on August 6.

Iranians are asking why the national wealth has been squandered overseas on Hezbollah, and in Syria and Gaza, and they want the government to think of their own people first.

Rouhani and his foreign policy team will be in NY in September for the UN General Assembly; both he and Trump will deliver speeches on the same day, Sept. 25. If they want to survive, their choice is clear - meet the "great Satan".

Takht Ravanchi said any compensatory measure by the EU must take place before the USA sanctions, because any European action will be totally useless once the us sanctions come into force and the customers refrain from buying Iran's oil.

Takht Ravanchi, who was involved in more than two years of nuclear talks with 5+1 nations, stressed that Europe's failure to neutralize the upcoming sanctions will be tantamount to "negotiations for negotiations".

Washington has threatened a "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran, calling on U.S. allies to curb Iranian business dealings-indeed, the United States this week rejected an European Union bid for sanction exemptions.

"I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet", Trump said. The strait at the mouth of the Persian Gulf is crucial to global energy supplies as about a third of all oil traded at sea passes through it.

The protests have often begun with slogans against the high cost of living and alleged financial corruption but quickly turned into anti-government rallies.

"It should be discussed in the Supreme National Security Council", said Nategh Nouri, who is also a former aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

On Saturday, a man taking part in a protest in Karaj in the northern province of Alborz was fatally shot, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

The report said a protest was taking place in Karaj, 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Tehran, when someone fired from a vehicle. The videos could not be authenticated.

This past week, though, Trump said he'd be willing to meet with Iranian leaders without any preconditions.

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