Tropical Storm Gordon seen from International Space Station

Tropical Storm Gordon track expected to bring winds to Sebastian, Vero Beach

Tropical Storm Gordon track expected to bring winds to Sebastian, Vero Beach

Southern Pine Electric had 2,500 outages, and East Mississippi Electric Power Association had more than 1,400.

Even as the system was weakening into a remnant low it still posed threats as it moved inland on a forecast track that would take its center northwest into Arkansas, then northeast toward the Great Lakes.

Pictures on social media showed damaged roofs and debris-strewn beaches and roads. Officials haven't released the child's identity.

The central part of the state may receive six or more inches of rain from the former tropical storm, which passed over the Alabama coast and into MS and Arkansas on Wednesday.

BSEE also said 266.08 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of natural gas output was shut on Wednesday in the Gulf, an increase of 34.08 mmcfd from Tuesday. In Biloxi, fisherman Ndoc Nguyen was returning with his shrimp boat to the marina.

Prices rose for a moment on Tuesday but fell back in line after fears of the storm's impact on oil production in the Gulf faded. It wasn't almost as bad as when Nate, the last hurricane to strike the USA, came ashore last October in nearby Biloxi, Mississippi.

New Orleans, which had braced for severe flooding, was unscathed.

"We've been meeting and having briefings with our different agencies, with the National Weather Service, internally with Houston Police, Fire, and Public Works, along with the Red Cross and Metro", said Cory Stottlemeyer, a public information officer with the Houston Office of Emergency Management.

Mayors of barrier islands in the storm's path had warned that their communities might get cut off from the mainland.

"I just hope I don't have to throw out everything in my refrigerator when I get home", said Jerome Richardson, spending the morning at a Mobile Waffle House after losing power the night before at his home.

New concerns: Hurricane Florence has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, on a path toward Bermuda, and lining up behind it, another potential storm was likely to form not far off the coast of Africa.

It's way too early to know if either of those storms will have any impact on land, but Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham said attention should be paid: "It's the peak of hurricane season".

"If you are less than 3 to 5 feet above sea level (in the warning area), you need to get away from that water, especially up those rivers, because that's where that water will be going", CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. A child was reported to have died as a result of the storm, which is generating flood-causing rainfall as it progresses into Mississippi.

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