Donald Trump administration to take tough stance against International Criminal Court

US National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks at a press conference in Jerusalem

US National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks at a press conference in Jerusalem

The PLO mission in Washington served as the de facto Palestinian embassy in the United States.

The United States has given the Palestinian Authority security forces some $61 million in aid this year, according to the U.S. embassy for Israel.

A week earlier, the administration slashed bilateral US aid for projects in the West Bank and Gaza.

"Israel supports the American actions that are meant to clarify to the Palestinians that their refusal to negotiate and attempts to attack Israel in worldwide forums will not promote peace", he said in a statement at the end of Jewish New Year holiday.

"The U.S. administration has begun to attack the rights of the Palestinian people and global law", Maliki said at a meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, convened to discuss the issue.

The latest submission came a day after the USA confirmed it would close the PLO's office in Washington, the highest Palestinian representation in the country, amid worsening relations between the two.

President Donald Trump is trying to facilitate the "deal of the century" between the Israelis and Palestinians and bring the two parties back to the negotiating table for the first time since 2014. "This action should not be exploited by those who seek to act as spoilers to distract from the imperative of reaching a peace agreement".

The decision comes just ahead of the 25th anniversary of the first Oslo accord on September 13, which was famously sealed with a handshake on the White House lawn and raised hopes of a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Ms. Nauert said the decision was also in response to Palestinian officials attempt to prompt an International Criminal Court investigation into the US and Israel.

"This is yet another affirmation of the Trump administration's policy to collectively punish the Palestinian people, including by cutting financial support for humanitarian services including health and education".

Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said it had submitted a new complaint over an Israeli "war crime" against a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank, expected to be demolished by the Israeli army in the coming days.

"The U.S. took the correct decision", Netanyahu said in a statement.

Erdogan led the global outcry when US President Donald Trump recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy there from Tel Aviv, twice holding summits of Muslim leaders in Istanbul.

It was an extraordinary rebuke decried by human rights groups who complained it was another Trump administration rollback of USA leadership in demanding accountability for gross abuses.

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