A former lawyer for the trump was a Democrat

Trump mocks the #MeToo movement at a rally, again

Trump mocks the #MeToo movement at a rally, again

In his op-ed, Trump said Democrats have moved away from centrism, claiming the "new Democrats are radical socialists who want to model America's economy after Venezuela".

Donald Trump's claim that #MeToo prevents him from using a certain phrase is his latest volley against the movement, which became a force after sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced previous year.

"US President Donald Trump has mocked the "#MeToo" movement, saying that he needs to censor himself due to the rules of this movement, which is being enforced by the press.

Trump was likely referring to the slogan "The girl that got away".

Since being charged, Cohen has become an opponent of the president, a stark difference from the days when he vowed to take a bullet for President Donald Trump and worked behind the scenes to fix Trump's problems.

Trump said that he he "had everything set up on Air Force One" so that he was in contact with the governors of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

"I think really when I explained it there little heat", Trump said during the interview. "Did you hear what he said?" he said imitating reporters.

"That's pretty good, right?" he asked.

WATCH: Trump defends holding rally as Hurricane Michael devastates southeastern U.S.

After his comments about the hurricane, Trump pivoted to the midterms, celebrating Kavanaugh's appointment despite Democratic opposition and sexual misconduct allegations against him.

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