Pixel Camera app gets external mic support alongside Pixel 3 launch

Google reveals promotional videos for its new line of products for 2018

Google reveals promotional videos for its new line of products for 2018

As Pixel 3 is somehow similar to Pixel 2 XL in terms of display whereas Pixel 3 XL got a notch now. Verizon mistakenly listed the Pixel 3's price on its website a few hours ago, but it wasn't the only retailer eager to kick off Pixel 3 sales. What's maybe more important, though, is the fact that these real-time translations aren't a Pixel phone exclusive either.

Google has added StarHub as a second telco partner for the Pixel 3 launch here.

We're not talking boring old voicemail, either: Google's built-in AI Assistant can screen calls at the touch of a button, answering them for you and asking who's calling and why, before transcribing the caller's answer on screen for you to check.

Less than a month after the debut of the iPhone XS, we have another new high-end smartphone to consider: the Google Pixel 3. The new Pixel 3 models also recently surfaced in official-looking renders that highlighted their Black and White colour options.

However, numerous software-based Pixel 3 features will be made available to the older Pixel phones.

With the Top Shot feature, Google is taking multiple photos every time you press the shutter, and using machine learning to alert you if it thinks one of its bracketing images is better than the "real" one you took. This continues with the latest generation, but next week's launch also sees the app get a long-awaited feature. So both phones have somewhat jarring front-facing designs. The updated feature comes with select Marvel characters. I just tried it with my Essential phone and the Pixel USB-C earbuds and it works like it does on the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3 had been the subject of many leaks, which turned out to be accurate, in the lead-up to the launch. A long press on the camera screen will bring up the full Lens experience. The only ones that gained some popularity were the Google Nexus phones, particularly, the Nexus 5.

Among other things, Pixel 3 can answer phone calls on its own, inquire about the nature of the call, and inform the user through text (this feature will be available initially only on devices that will be released in the US).

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