More Americans disapprove of Kavanaugh's confirmation than support it

Sen. Collins Losing No Sleep Over Susan Rice's Challenge 'I Really Have Little Interest in What She Has to Say'

Sen. Collins Losing No Sleep Over Susan Rice's Challenge 'I Really Have Little Interest in What She Has to Say'

According to Time, a group of Brooklyn-based witches are organizing an event to put a hex on Kavanaugh at Catland Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Dr. Ford testified that Brett Kavanaugh, Mr. Trump's Supreme Court nominee, had pinned her on a bed, tried to take off her clothes and covered her mouth in the early 1980s, when the two were teenagers.

Although the gathering, which will be taking place on October 20, is focused on putting a curse on Kavanaugh, the event will also "all rapists and the patriarchy".

"There will also be a second ritual afterward - "The Rites of the Scorned One" - which seeks to validate, affirm, uphold and support those of us who have been wronged and who refuse to be silent any longer".

Since Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, Ford has said she doesn't wish for Democrats to attempt to impeach the judge.

"Getting the documents and the truth - and where they lead us - that's what we have to do", she said.

A recent Fox News poll found a wide gender gap, with Democrats up 56 points among non-white women, 35 points with women under age 45 and by 19 points among suburban women.

"I think impeachment, to use that word, is very divisive", she said. "They're saying the downtrodden and disadvantaged have always used magic".

The tickets to the ritual were priced at $10, with 25 percent of the proceedings going to Planned Parenthood and another 25 percent going to Ali Forney Center, a community center helping homeless LGBT youth.

Some 60 people are expected to attend the event, USA Today and other outlets have reported, but far more have signed up, apparently; the event may also be livestreamed over the internet.

There'll be photos and effigies of Kavanaugh, along with dirt from a graveyard and nails from a coffin, Bracciale said.

Bracciale told Newsweek that those in attendance will be "basically Antifa witches".

Feinstein has been a controversial figure throughout Kavanaugh's confirmation process.

The Senate is expected to hold its final vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation to the court on Saturday, following weeks of uncertainty during which several woman have accused him of sexual assault and misconduct during his high school and college years.

The ritual is organized by a Brooklyn-based practitioner named Dakota Bracciale, who also conjured up three events to hex President Trump previous year, according to The Huffington Post.

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of MA.

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