Apple's New iOS Releases Today With Group FaceTime & New Emojis

Apple iOS 12.1 New features launch and more

Apple iOS 12.1 New features launch and more

The iOS 12 brings a smart manager that's built-in - iCloud Keychain, which lets you opt for a stronger unique password every time you sign up for a new service (suggested by the program), and syncs across all your Apple devices.

Apple just announced that it will be rolling out its iOS 12.1 update, for the iPhone and the iPad, starting today. True to its word, Group FaceTime arrives today as part of the iOS 12.1 update.

For iPhone XS and XS Max owners, there's now a fix for the automatic skin smoothing on selfies, and you can adjust the depth of field before you take a portrait mode shot. It's likely the aging processors in these model aren't up to snuff to handle Group FaceTime video calls, as it seems any device running the A8X chip or newer is supported.

It will change several features on your phone itself, such as time and date format, but will ensure you can use the ECG function no matter where you live.

In 2019, Apple will work with the Unicode Consortium to add more disability-themed emoji with the release of Unicode 12.0. "Hey Nilesh! Please be informed that Esim functionality for iPhone XS Max will be available effective 30-Oct when Apple releases iOS 12.1 Thank you, Anmol P", reads the tweet.

Apple has confirmed a slew of features for its next software update, including a depth control feature through its camera app, and dual SIM support for its new iPhone range. During a group call, Facetime will automatically detect the active participant and bring them to the forefront.

Also, Group FaceTime is integrated into the Messages app, making it easy to start a Group FaceTime right from a group iMessage chat. Instead of actual dual physical SIMs, dual SIM support for the iPhone requires the use of a digital eSIM which is widely supported by USA operators but not in Malaysia. Participants who are not active will appear at the bottom of the screen until they speak.

"If people in a conversation have already started a FaceTime session, Messages shows the active call in the conversation list and inside your conversations", said Apple.

The latest version of Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 12, is out. It also adds more characters to the keyboard that will better represent global users, including new emoji for moon cake, red gift envelope and Nazar amulet.

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