Trump backtracks on threat to shoot migrants at border

Migrants militias protesters & drug cartels Pentagon braces for explosive clash at Mexico border

Migrants militias protesters & drug cartels Pentagon braces for explosive clash at Mexico border

"If our soldiers - or ICE or Border Patrol - are going to be hit in the face with rocks, we're going to arrest those people quickly and for a very long time. I told them, 'Consider it a rifle"'.

"We have the authority given to us by (Defense) Secretary (Jim) Mattis", says Air Force Gen. Terrence O'Shaughnessy, who heads the U.S. Northern Command, which oversees all the active duty forces being deployed.

The twelve immigrants are part of the larger "migrant caravan" marching towards California and Texas.

Today he said that rock-throwers would only be arrested.

Parents travelling in a US-bound caravan of thousands of Central American migrants and refugees are taking legal action on behalf of their children against US President Donald Trump's border detention plans.

It's unclear whether the restrictions would apply only to those traveling in the caravans or would extend beyond the caravans to all people trying to enter the country. Should stop them before they reach our Border, but won't!' he added. Although some 7,000 people, nearly all Hondurans, entered en masse, some groups are separated by distance if they were transported by sympathetic people. Other estimates had it around 4,000 or more.

The caravan of migrants is still hundreds of miles from the border. That group includes Hondurans, Salvadorans and some Guatemalans.

Former DHS Secretary Ridge told VOA, "There are bigger threats" to the US than the migrants.

The president has cast the caravan as containing potential terrorists and other "tough" men who would particularly pose a threat to women - who are among the most sought-after voters in Tuesday's election.

"And sometimes it turns out to be where something happens that's different, or there's a change, but I always like to be truthful", he added. "I don't want to attack police, because my concern is my son".

In his hometown of Ocotepeque, Honduras, he left behind a coffin, either for his mother, who suffers dementia, "or for me, if I don't make it", Guzman said.

The migrants claim that the Trump administration has violated their due process, citing the Fifth Amendment. A day prior, the migrants made a trek of 40 miles (65 kilometers) from Juchitan, Oaxaca, to Donaji, Oaxaca, and then even farther along to Sayula.

In the smaller caravans, immigration agents and police have at times detained migrants.

The only violence Trump has cited in justifying the militarization of the border is what he alleges took place along Mexico's border with Guatemala when the caravan of migrants confronted Mexican federal police at that border.

There was also pressure on the first caravan. There has also been pressure on the main caravan, with federal police pulling over freight trucks that pick up migrants and forcing them off, saying that clinging to the tops or sides of the trucks was unsafe.

Several thousand migrants opted to rest in the towns of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Veracruz and Isla, Veracruz, which are about 64 kilometres from their previous rest stop in Sayula.

Trump said on Wednesday the United States could send as many as 15,000 troops to the border, more than are in Afghanistan. When you add the active duty troops and National Guard units heading here to provide support, there will soon be more assets guarding our southern frontier than now serving in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Trump also said he had told the USA military mobilizing at the southwest border that if US troops face rock-throwing migrants, they should react as though the rocks were "rifles".

Senior Trump administration officials have previously encouraged asylum-seekers to make their claims at official ports of entry. "They're full citizens, and it's costing us many, many billions of dollars a year".

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