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First lady Melania Trump accompanied by President Donald Trump and Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers visited a makeshift mem

First lady Melania Trump accompanied by President Donald Trump and Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers visited a makeshift mem

Another poll released Monday morning is showing the Democrats leading in Florida's gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races, this one from Quinnipiac University, which has both Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson up by seven points over their opponents, Republicans Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott.

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Election Day will wrap up a bitter campaign season that witnessed the battle between DeSantis and Gillum veer into racial politics and heated exchanges over a long-simmering FBI investigation involving Gillum's home city.

"When words don't mean anything, when truth doesn't matter, when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work", Obama said. Obama will be touting Pritzker's bid to defeat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, along with backing state attorney candidate Kwame Raoul and Democratic congressional candidates.

Obama, who also spoke in Florida on Friday, called on voters to turn out for Democrat candidates and denounced efforts by Republicans to dismantle his political legacy.

The Democrats are out in force in the Sunshine State, as well. Trump also called Gillum a "thief" and corrupt, a move the mayor says is meant to reinforce negative stereotypes of black men.

Apparently, when you have an open-seat race for governor with a quickly emerging Democratic star running against a former congressman aligned with President Donald Trump.

While Gillum leads 54 percent among women compared to DeSantis' 40 percent, the candidates are split at 46 percent among men.

The president has tarred Mexican immigrants as "rapists", sought to ban Muslims from entering the country, and assailed the mostly-African-American football players who knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality. "But Gillum's 13-point margin among independents is the difference in the outcome", Brown added. "You're going to make it even greater if you do Ron and otherwise, I'm telling you, it's going to be problems like you've never imagined". On Sunday, it was Nelson criticizing Scott over the government efforts to address the needs of the Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican communities in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. I'm not going to sit here and BS you.

"I think that myself, like other people, are not liking what we're seeing on the other side", Mancini said. The contest is essentially a referendum on Trump and votes may be cast as much, if not more, on emotion than issues. The day after the primary, DeSantis said on Fox News that Florida voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Gillum.

Trump was in Montana to boost GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, who is challenging Tester in Tuesday's election.

Still, Obama had a heavier lift on his hands in Miami than Trump did in Fort Myers, where it seemed like just about everyone at his rally had already voted the party line.

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