2020 Nissan GT-R: So Unique, Difficult To Redesign

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The next-gen Nissan GT-R is expected to arrive in 2020 as its 2017 refresh is going to give it a good few years before fans and enthusiasts start yawning again. Nissan has nonetheless already stepped into the drawing room for the 2020 model.

That’s because redesigning this sports car is going to be a challenging endeavor to Nissan.

The automaker admits that because of its unique appearance, it had managed to last so long in the market without needing any styling changes to keep people interested.

Still, the Japanese car maker is looking to merely make the next-gen model of its halo car attractive for the sake of it – the goals is to boost aerodynamics and in turn achieve much greater efficiency.

Getting more mileage out of the sports car isn’t limited to its design alone. Nissan intends to see what it could do to Godzilla’s twin-turbo V6 powertrain in order to squeeze more mpg out of, and it is not ruling out hybridization.