5 Tips For The Division Newbies

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So, you’re in The Division beta and you’ve secured the Base of Operations. Now, where do you start? Here are some tips we’ve analyzed for beginners on where to find better loot and gear, score some easy XP and how to survive in the Dark Zone. You’ll be thanking us later.

1. Do Missions on hard and engage Encounters first

The meat of the beta is in the PvP Dark Zone. But you don’t want to run into that unprepared. Complete the main mission (you only get one in the beta) and then do it again on Hard mode. It is significantly harder, but you’ll get more XP rewards and better gear and weapons.

2. Cover is vital

If you don’t make use of cover, you’re going to die. The game will tell you at the very start that it’s a cover shooter, and it really isn’t joking. Press A to go into cover and A again to move between cover. Be sure to press A to get back into cover before you reload, or you’re just going to be standing there like a monkey while you fiddle with your rifle and Mr Bad Guy shoots you in the face. Rule number one: be in cover.

3. Watch and learn enemy attack patterns

You should be aware that almost every Encounter and Mission has more than one wave of enemies to deal with. You’ll hear a warning over your radio, so make sure you hold back some explosives for later in the fight. Also watch enemy attack patterns. If there’s an incoming grenade you’ll see a big circle of effect, so make sure you dive out of it. Stay away from enemies with flamethrowers and shoot the tanks on their backs to make them go boom.

4. Check the map for new encounters

You have to search the map for things to do. Move your view in and out using the triggers and rotate the map with the left stick to find new encounters. There’s only one mission available in the beta, but you’ll see new green and blue markers pop up as you explore the available play area. Hit them for XP boosts and drops.

5. Mod guns and inspect your gear carefully

You should get into the habit of checking all your loot regularly. Before you know it you’ll have a lot. You may think that all level 6 backpacks are the same, but check and you’ll see they have different attributes such as skill increases or higher ammo capacity. Make sure you have the right one equipped.

Just remember to keep these in mind, and do us proud.