Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportswagon: Mazda 3’s Doppelgänger?

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Before you get all ready with your pay checks, we hate to break it to you, but this model of a car that you’re seeing above is not an existing one. Alessandro Masera has created a Alfa Romeo Giulia with a digital Sportswagon version.

The manipulated Giulia features a more practical five-door estate, with redesigned taillights, and an aggressive diffuser incorporating the quad exhaust pipes. And it’s good to know that this isn’t the first time we’re seeing a Giulia with a five-door variant, but there’s a high likelihood that the rendered version done by Masera could very much be the real thing.

And though Alfa Romeo has not announced any particular intention on adding a wagon, they might just will, since its predecessor was modded with a similar body style. And let’s not forget about their competitors who have done the same too. Well, we gotta say, it’s a pretty nice render he’s made, and considering it looks so much like the Mazda 3, this could really fare well in the markets (if it ever were to be produced, of course).