Android 7.0 Delays iPhone Gimmick – Fans Happy

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced a number of features that made Android users go a little ga-ga over getting the update ASAP. The same seems to be happening with the Android 7.0 N, at least as far as tech fans’ present response to what they know.

One of the features that most of them weren’t too fond of is the ‘3D Touch’ feature, which first showed up on the iPhone 6 lineup.

To make things clear, the feature that Google is reportedly developing for the latest Android build is similar to 3D Touch, but is not 3D Touch.

It nonetheless deals with the sensitivity to touch pressure, and we say ‘reportedly’ because Google has not officially confirmed the existence of the feature, though it’s only a matter of time before the actual announcement from the company itself.

And Android fans are actually glad when it the latest scoop regarding the whole 3D Touch matter revealed that it won’t be available when Android 7.0 N first launches. It would probably arrive with version 7.0.1 sometime in early 2017.

Many believe that the whole force touch functionality is just a gimmick, and they are not far off the mark with their comments – after promoting it for a brief period Apple didn’t bother continuing with the discussion of 3D Touch. Subsequent iOS updates since the release of the feature have not given it much attention as well.