App Store vs Google Play Store: Which Winner Would Make You Gasp?

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It’s been a continuous war. The battle between two of the best smartphone’s app services. Since their inception in 2008, App Store and the Google Play Store has been constantly battling among each other and us as the audiences are able to see the mobile gaming platform that continues to grow each year.

But which of these two is the ultimate cherry on top? You might probably have remembered well that Apple wasn’t really keen on getting into the world of gaming back then, but it has now changed its approach in luring more gaming developers. Which could probably explain how 2013 turned out to be one of the best years for the App Store, generating revenues of 10 billion dollars solely from app purchases.

Though those figures may seem to be very persuasive, Google’s Play Store is not very far off too. In fact, they are actually growing more rapidly as compared to the rate of the iOS, as there are more applications and updated apps being rolled out each and everyday. Also worth mentioning would be that there’s 75% of all the applications downloaded daily which comes from Android devices. So, that says something.

To be fair, if everything goes the way it’s currently heading, the Google Play Store might in fact be emerging as the winner because Android is simply, the future of gaming. That being said, gaming developers are probably more inclined to release its game for Android first, only to bring it to the iOS later on.

Which of the two do you actually prefer using?