Apple AirPods Arrives At Stores In Time For Holidays

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The Apple AirPods hasn’t stopped causing a buzz ever since the idea was announced. Initially, folks were not pleased with Apple’s decision to do away with the headphone jack and then they were subjected to a long delay following its announcement in September.

Apple finally listed the AirPods for pre-order last week and the units were quickly wiped out. Don’t worry too much as you’ll still be able to order a set of AirPods via Apple’s website, the only downside is the wait time would be about six weeks.

However, if patience isn’t your best attribute, there’s still hope. According to AppleInsider who had conducted a survey on a couple of physical Apple Stores, it seems that eight out of the 10 stores were anticipating to receive “a few” sets of the AirPods soon.

These stores mentioned that they would be receiving at least 10 AirPod units by last Sunday which means that these units are now ready for sale starting today.

Well, if you are keen on snagging a pair of these futuristic ear pieces, head on over to an Apple Store near you and see if they have it in stock.