Apple Doesn’t Want To Hack Itself – Because It Can’t And It Won’t

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Apple is getting a lot of pressure lately particularly due to the constant requests given by FBI to create a backdoor to an iPhone that was used in the San Bernardino attacks last December. In other words, FBI wants Apple to hack itself in order to provide information regarding the issue, because frankly speaking, the tech giant’s the only one who could do so.

But it’s not going to do it anytime soon. Apple has even testified numerous times before numerous judges that it really is unable to break into an iPhone, since it’s widely known that one of their security measures include the auto-erase feature on the iPhone. So what would actually happen is that users who are unable to key in correct credentials for 10 times into the iPhone, all data would be wiped out and could never be retained ever again.

More importantly, Apple values customers’ rights and invading their privacy isn’t something of their interest. So, Tim Cook’s way of sharing an open letter regarding this issue is possibly the best method to garner public support at the moment. The attacks that occurred involved terrorists using an iPhone 5c with a password whereby later, a judge had requested for Apple to crack open.

We understand Apple’s concern in keeping its customers’ rights and privacy matters, but if they could have helped in some sort of way to bring the tragedy to light, why wouldn’t they? What’s Apple’s deal here?