Apple Has A Twitter Account Now, …Wait, Only Now?!

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Now you can spam Apple’s Twitter account, as you’ve got a new way to stalk them further. Er, we’re kidding. We just couldn’t really get over the fact that Apple has only finally joined the Twitter bandwagon (when the latter is quite dead now, really), allowing customers to directly ask questions related to the Apple products with absolute convenience.

Why now? Why not few years ago when Twitter was still booming with success and when literally everyone had a Twitter account? It’s just a little surprising Apple is only taking this step, and we think it’s a little too late. But nonetheless, it’s still going to prove to be useful for some people who may be shy to go to stores, or when they’ve forgotten to ask about something upon leaving the Apple store.

And it’s also important to know that the company is only offering the customer support on Twitter in English, so those who are not native to the language may find it difficult for them. But fret not, you could always contact an adviser through the Support website. Not only will the Twitter handle be answering to your questions, users could also check it out from time to time to read about some useful tips and tricks.

So, it’s not a little too late now, is it?