Apple iPhone 7 Could Fail More Than Android Rivals

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Although Samsung gained the most infamy last year with the widespread, explosive death of the Galaxy Note 7, the stats show that in reality Apple has had it worse with its iPhone lineup.

According to a fresh report from device diagnostics firm Blancco, mobile devices from Cupertino actually suffer from a failure rate of 62 percent.

That’s a lot more than the average failure rate of devices from the more extensive Android ecosystem, which stand at only 47 percent in comparison.

Though it should be noted that this report is based on data accumulated in the last quarter of 2016, Blancco points out that the failure rates of iPhones have gone up from previous years. They increased by 47 percent last year.

It is easy to point the finger at the iPhone 6s as the biggest contributor to such damning figures, but it has been revealed that the iPhone 6 was in fact the worst-performing device from Apple’s lineup. Now, the question is how would the iPhone 7 fare?

Could the new flagship continue to bring Apple down (or rather, push it up) in terms of failure rates? For Android, the storm seems to have passed, given that the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga has come to a screeching halt.

The device alone increased the average failure rate of Android devices by a staggering 27 percent in the final quarter of last year.

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