Apple Music No Longer King Of Music Business?

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If you had remembered clearly, Apple iTunes had always been the king of music business, because well, they were literally the only ones in the field. Now that more and more streaming services have sprung up like mushrooms; with Spotify being Apple Music’s top contender, in spite of the fact that the former is a streaming service instead. And since consumers nowadays prefer some sort of an all-you-can-eat music subscription, iTunes’ decline in revenue over the years doesn’t seem all too surprising.

Let’s compare them to see if the Apple Music is better than Spotify in these few categories. For starters, Spotify’s never-ending list of songs (that’s 30 million songs in their library with 20,000 additional ones everyday!) enables users to uncover rising artists every other day. But Spotify might not be able to stay at the top for long because Apple Music also has that staggering 30 million songs and would continue to bring in more exclusive tracks along the way.

In terms of radio, both these music services take different approaches in understanding your music preferences and in providing recommendations. Spotify has on-demand radio stations that are catered to your preferences, and for that reason, the down side is probably not ever going to be able to listen to something different from your taste. Apple on the other hand, Apple had a completely different approach; the 24-hours real-time Beats 1 broadcasts from three locations, as well as having well-known DJs to lead exclusive live content. That’s a little hard to beat, isn’t it?

And it’s good to know that both services have the same price tag for a single user, costing at $9.99USD a month. Now that we’ve gone through the most major parts of the differences, pretty sure you know which you’re looking for, eh?