Apple Music Vs. Spotify: Is There A Clear Winner Here?

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It’s hard to forget that Apple iTunes used to be the sole music service that we’ve relied heavily on; the one that started it all, way before other streaming services were even launched. But times have changed, and people have started to divert their attention to streaming services like Spotify, despite the fact that Apple Music has been launched too. Since it looks really clear that these two are beating their way to the top, we’ll take a step backward to compare these like an apple to an apple.

In terms of their music library, it’s hard to determine a clear winner. Both of them have a staggering amount of 30 millions songs; Spotify has an additional of 20,000 songs everyday and Apple Music is in the midst of bringing in more exclusive tracks too. That’s not bad for a streaming service that just started about 5 months ago.

Radio-wise, there’s a distinctive approach utilized by these two music streaming businesses. For one, Spotify has on-demand radio stations that are catered to your preferences, and for that exact reason, you won’t be able to listen to other tracks apart from your taste (ever). Apple Music features a much more refreshing approach whereby it uses the 24-hours real-time Beats 1 broadcasts, as well as having well-known DJs to lead exclusive live content. Now, do we really have a clear winner here?

For those unfamiliar, these two surprisingly have the same price tag of $9.99USD/month. Are you able to figure out now which one better suits your needs? Which is it that you’re ready to ditch for another?