Apple’s Q2 Earnings Could Be Grim

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It is an unbelievable ride for Apple when the Cupertino-based company revealed its Q1 2016 earnings, but it’s still not a good figure. What, not even with 74.8 million iPhones sold? Apparently, nope. And in actual fact, the company actually gave a grim forecast for Q2 as well.

More importantly, Apple’s sales had actually only went up slightly compared to past performances; iPhone supplies were severely constrained at launch, so severe that it couldn’t fill all of its orders. Well, that’s not really something they could celebrate, isn’t it?

Sure, Apple still sells millions more of a single phone than any other competitor in the market, but there’s no denying that their iPhone growth is actually slower since the device was launched back in 2007. Back when they were the pioneer in introducing the first classiest-looking smartphone in the world.

Perhaps they should really go all out in playing the cards this time. Apple really needs to stop horsing around and just don’t hold back for any idea they doubt could be useful for the company; basically just go all out. Just don’t do something unnecessary like removing the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7.