Apple’s “Start Something New” Campaign Would Make You Want To Start Doing Something New Too

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This is absolutely one way to prove our smartphones are indeed smart, or is it that the users are creative enough to try something on them?

If you have been using your iPhone just to surf the Internet, checking your emails and even taking selfies, chances are you’re missing something: letting your inner creativity shine. Apple’s latest campaign is “Start Something New” and it aims to “explore bold new work that artists are creating with Apple products. And these artists are not any ordinary person; they are professional photographers, painters and visual designers from all parts of the globe.

It’s pretty impressive to see what they can do with their Apple products; only using the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. While there have been some submissions that also made use of the Apple Pencil, MacBook Pro and iMac. And what’s more, Apple will also host free workshops on iPhone photography and iPad painting at their retails worldwide. So now, better get creative and transform those ideas into your device!