Are You Ready For 2016’s “Fallout 4” DLCs?

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Although it may seem like it’s only been a while since Fallout 4 was released, but Bethesda is going to surprise us again. Fallout 4 is surprisingly still one of the hottest topics to talk about in the world of gaming today, and it’s only going to be hotter than ever with their upcoming DLCs and the all-new Creation Kit.

Perhaps Bethesda really knows how to please their fans, considering the average gamer would be craving for more even only few hours (or hundreds) into the game. It’s kind of natural to be wanting more but it’s not to say we’re all too greedy, right? And if this doesn’t get you to the edge of your seats already, we don’t know what will: Fallout 4 DLCs will be spread throughout 2016, and they are reportedly available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

And there seems to be quite a number of fans that take interest on the underwater world that’s assumingly more explorable. Well, let’s just hope that Bethesda gets the hint and will offer much more unexpected terrains and creative gameplay for their fans to enjoy.