Are You Ready For Volkswagen’s EV In 2020?

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Be prepared as this could be the Volkswagen EV that has upped its level; exceeding all of your expectations. It’s cute, though.

This boxy shape of the Volkswagen Budd-e that debuted at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show could arrive at dealers early next decade. And that this version would also use the concept’s powertrain layout, which has flat batteries and an electric motor at both axles. Volkswagen says that we’ll all be expecting to see a car that looks a lot like the picture shown above, on the MEB platform, reach production.

For the unfamiliar, the MEB platform is tailor-made for compact EVs and should allow VW to introduce a range of efficient models. The Budd-e highlights the new chassis’ ability to fit flat batteries along the entire floor, which gives the rectangular concept an estimated 233-mile range on the EPA cycle.

A production Budd-e isn’t quite the retro-modern Microbus revival that some customers want, but it updates some of that iconic vehicle’s usable ethos for a greener generation. We’d definitely want to see how this would turn out in the end.