At Least 10 Million Ford Vehicles Get SNYC Connect In 5 Years’ Time

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And it’s all thanks to the collaboration they have done with AT&T. The result would be that Ford Escape buyers starting from this spring would be able to get a free mobile connection linking their small SUV to their smartphone’s AT&T cellular network; in other words, that would be the SYNC Connect system that they’ve derived.

The service is said to be free for the first five years, and that they’ve planned to have it integrated to at least 10 million vehicles over the next five years. We don’t see why they won’t be able to do it. What you can expect from the system is that drivers can easily unlock the SUV, start it up, check the gas level or even locate a parked vehicle all from the convenience from their linked smartphone.

However, this is just the beginning for the collaboration between Ford and AT&T, because it’s said that they have plans to scale up the programme quickly across Ford’s entire line in North America. Well, that should take a little while more, but we’re certain that they’re gonna succeed in it.