Audi RS Q2 Grows Up Well With The Right Hormones (Render)

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We are all eager to see how an Audi RS Q2 would look like, and thanks to X-Tomi Design, we are able to figure out how it might look like. Sexy and manly-looking all at the same time, if we may say so. And did we mention that this is going to give the Nissan Juke Nismo RS nightmares?

Compared to the standard edition, the front fascia based on this render adopts a more aggressive design, with a different pattern for the larger grille and an RS badge too, a tweaked bumper and “Quattro” lettering under the license plate. The side profile remains unchanged, without the bigger wheels and the lowered stance.

If Audi’s RS division gave this the green light for production, then it would get sportier seats and a slightly tweaked cabin, to remind owners that they chose the most expensive version of the Q2, while for power, a 2.0-liter turbocharged mill from Audi’s existing stable with anywhere from 250 to 300 horses sounds just about right.

What do you think about what you’ve seen above? Yay or nay?