BMW M2 Won’t Offer Playful Colours

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…and fans are going to get all disappointed about it.

The all-new BMW M2 will only be offered in four colours during its dealer launch next spring and they’re most likely not your favourite: Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Sapphire Black. Why isn’t there any unique colours or vibrant ones like red, orange or yellow? Well, looks like we’ll have the paint booth to blame.

Firstly, the reason being is that it’s being built at the most capital-intensive section of any automobile plant. In other words, there’s only an average of 80-hour per week on assembling body parts, but the allocated time to paint, spray and dry the cars would take more than 120 hours a week. The second reason is that the Leipzig paint shop only uses the most-environment-friendly paint technologies. What they mainly use are water-based colour paints and powder-based clear paint, which means to say that their painting plant is absolutely free of emissions (take that, VW!).

But does that imply colours like red, orange and yellow are not environmentally friendly colours? Let us know if you’re keen on saving the planet or disagree with the actions they’re taking, in the comments below.