BMW Project-i: The i6 Is Next?

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Both the BMW i3 and i8 are two really popular EV/hybrid cars in the world right now. Their impressive sales have convinced BMW to create more ‘i’ vehicles in the near future and we have heard many names surfacing around the web.

It all started with the i5, which is tipped to be BMW’s first ever full EV sedan that is going to be based on the 5-Series. Then, the rumours began suggesting the i7 which is going to be a hybrid version of the original 7-Series.

Today, new rumours surfaced and it suggests that BMW is planning to produce the i6. The vehicle will be an SUV that is based on the X6 and it will carry the same green characteristics that are present on the i3 and the i8.

In detail, the i6 will be coming with a lot of carbon fibre to reduce weight and it will run on multiple electric motors. The i6 will source its power from a large lithium-polymer battery so that the SUV can offer an unbeatable driving range.

As exciting as the above sound, it is still based on rumours hence it should be taken with a grain of salt. We can expect BMW to spill the beans on their next ‘i’ car next year.