BMW’s Vision Car Lets You Control Everything To The Rhythm Of Your Hand

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Alright, so we had the Samsung Galaxy S5 equipped with Air Gesture, Air View and Eye Gesture that allows users to hover your hand over the screen and a selfie is taken. But now, we’re going to have a similar technology in cars as well, with BMW taking the first spot in installing the gesture-controlled system in its 7 Series earlier this year and later, in its upcoming Vision Car concept. Come on, it already looks sporty enough; can it really get anymore advanced?

The Vision Car concept would be centred around an AirTouch technology, which allows drivers to control everything from the vehicle’s navigation, infotainment system and connectivity functions all with a simple gesture of a flat hand. It’s also been claimed that it’s going to be a whole lot safer for drivers; they can simply glance at the dashboard display to make a gesture, while keeping their eyes on the road the whole time.

Sure, it’s going to be really cool having not to touch the buttons at all (especially ideal for people with OCD), but we can’t deny the fact that it’s going to look like we’re doing tai-chi in the car.