Bosch Product Can Boost Fuel Economy By 7%!

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There hasn’t been much thought put to one certain aspect in the automobile industry when it comes to improving fuel efficiency. But at least Bosch did. The company thinks that driving behaviour can have as big an impact on gas mileage as the machinery, and they’ve developed a device that could “alert” you in lightening up your lead foots while driving.

The new product unveiled by engineers is the “active” gas pedal that actually provides haptic feedback to drivers, especially when they push too hard on the gas pedal and increase their fuel consumption while they’re at it. And more importantly, the signal comes right where it can make the ultimate difference: at the driver’s foot. Kind of like Nissan’s gas pedal which could push back too (as shown above).

Bosch is very wary of the idea in improving fuel economy because the pedal could might as well be of use to save gas, while other equipped safety features do their thing. But here’s the thing: they might or might not make it to a production vehicle, considering gas prices are already having a decrement. It’s hard to say if drivers would actually opt for saving more money when they already are.

Would you go all out in getting this equipped in your vehicle?