Bring Your Kids To The Detroit Auto Show To Get Free Ford GT Model

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It’s alright if you didn’t get your kids their favourite toys during Christmas, because now you have another reason to give them something else, for free. Ford has collaborated with Revell to offer free Ford GT supercar model kits to kids at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

And it’s not the first time they are receiving the cars for free, though. 2016 will mark the third year where little gear heads can score a free toy from Ford. Not bad. Even if your kid isn’t really into cars, their dads could keep them as they make a really good collectible, giving dreamer-dads the chance to own something they might not be able to afford – only in a smaller scale.

So, you’re probably wondering why Ford is making these “toys” to attract kids. Well, for starters, the next generation of automotive enthusiasts are the kids coming to the Detroit Auto Show with their parents. It would leave a big impact on them as they would grow to love Ford (slick tactic!) and other brands and getting to explore other areas of the industry. And secondly, family bonding time (we wouldn’t stereotypically say father-and-son, as some girls love cars too). The father would be able to spend some quality time in assembling the car kit with his kid, all at Ford’s booth.

It’s a great technique (and tactic) Ford’s using to keep their customers from looking at other competition, and it will still leave some great memories for the kids in the future.