“Call Kurtis” To The Rescue: Fiat Chrysler Recalls 350K SUVs Again

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Ever heard about recalled cars that are being recalled yet again? Well, that’s exactly what Fiat Chrysler had done, only after being exposed by CBS13. And that’s where investigator Kurtis Ming comes into picture. Apparently, the vehicles are being recalled again because there were at least nine cars catching fire after their respective recall repairs.

And this particular 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (as shown in the video) is one of the nine that caught fire. The family (like every sane family would do) expected for it to remove the hazardous material, but eventually they were still one of the unlucky ones. The fire had crept to the front of the cabin, burned out the passenger’s seat and soot in the car and even smoke was seen seeping out into the air. It’s worth mentioning that the cause of the fire seemed to be the sun visor vanity lamp wiring which increases the risk of a fire.

Thankfully, the family is in good hands, and Fiat Chrysler has began to take things more seriously. The automaker sternly recalls of 352,831 SUVs to repair the procedure (in which they have discovered) that was prone for a short-circuit if it hadn’t followed proper procedure during production. Wow, so we’re guessing this would be quite a big scar to be left on the automaker, but rough patches do happen from time to time, eh?