Callaway Tuned A Camaro SC610 And It’s A Beauty

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The well-respected tuning company Callaway had just recently loosed the bindings on their version of the sixth-generation of GM’s long-running coupe, so now we’ll enter: the Camaro SC610. And you’re probably right about what you think the 610 meant, because that’s the reworked LT1 engine which makes a healthy 610 horsepower.

If you’re also wondering what could be contributing to the majority of the extra meat, it’s all thanks to the Eaton TVS2300 Roots-type blower, which is the largest unit in the TVS line. More importantly, Eaton’s unit is the core of what Callaway refers to as its GenThree supercharger system, and it’s also good to know that the SC610 also receives a high-flow cold-air intake, so sunny days are not a problem at all in this Camaro.

There are other standard equipment that are packed within the SC610 and they include the embroidered floor mats, carbon-fibre engine accents, custom sill panels, an underhood build plaque featuring the car’s VIN, and the special badging of Callaway’s name too, of course. You could probably also get your pay checks ready for splurging out on this beauty, because it’s going to be priced with a $16,995 on top of $37,275 for a basic Camaro SS coupe.

So do you think you’ll be getting yourself one of these SC610s?