Can Anyone Ever Love A Subaru As Much As This Guy?

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You’re probably going to meet Elvin Kilcher, star of “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, sometime in your life, but won’t be finding someone with the exact amount of passion he injects into his love for the Subaru brand. Kilcher must be a really proud Subaru owner; he likes the brand so much that he’s still having his 1999 Subaru picture on his Facebook page. Such dedication, much wow.

And unsurprisingly, he has another Subaru in the garage now, and also willingly agreed to do a commercial for the automaker. Perhaps his 2016 Subaru Crosstrek is more ideal for him; the all-wheel-drive gets him to wherever he wants to be in the frozen Alaskan tundra. Kilcher also thinks his Crosstrek is very loveable because of its multi-purpose features that’s good for his growing family.

He also went on to suggest that the top safety ratings associated with the vehicle is just quintessential as it helps to keep their young family safe in the event of a crash. Kilcher is the kind of guy who’s deeply fond of the nature, and simply thinks that Subaru shares his values. No wonder he’s so deeply-attached to the brand.