CAT S60: The Predator-Like Phone That You’ll Buy Even If You Don’t Need It

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Yes, you’re probably sick of phones that are way too similar to one another these days, despite the fact that they’ve been undergoing some major (or minor) updates here and there. There’s just one thing that stays the same throughout it all: identical. But this recent gem found at the Mobile World Congress is really kind of hot; meet the CAT S60.

It’s the world’s first phone with built-in thermal imaging with the FLIR technology. And it’s actually made for professionals in aiding with their work; allowing you to locate wounded bodies at the scene of a car accident, locating overheated areas if you’re an electrician, and even locating the area of leakage if you’re a plumber. But then again, the phone claims that everyone else could still enjoy the phone for what it is.

One thing you can expect from the phone is that you could use the FLIR app’s camera as dual usage with your regular camera too. What this means is that the phone somewhat combines the data from both of them to show you a live preview; since the FLIR image is usually blurry, combining the two would enhance the image quality and sort of gives you the best of both worlds.

Oh, and did we mention that you could also use the S60 with wet hands or gloves? It really is meant for professionals as you can’t be expecting plumbers or electricians to remove their protective gear every 10 seconds to check on the problems that they are facing, right? And if you’d like to know about the specs, it’s packed with a microSD slot, 32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, and expect a 4.7-inch HD screen too.

We think we’ve convinced you to get the phone somehow, even if it means that you’re just a regular phone enthusiast who wants to look cool being a predator – just don’t be a creepy stalker and hover it over any girl you see.