Chevrolet SS Gives Fans One Last Chance For Goodbye

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If you’re a car enthusiast but don’t live in the US, the next best place to go would be Australia. They simply love their cars, and would queue up by the throngs and pay good money for a simple Mustang GT. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped GM (Holden) from pulling the plug on the beloved Chevrolet SS.

The 415hp RWD sedan that’s based on the Holden VF Commodore has only been around since 2014 but is set to be completely axed by the end of this month, at least according to GM Authority.

So if you’re interested in this spectacular beast, there’s really no time to waste. Place your order right now or forever regret it. Oh, how much does it cost? Well, how does $46,625 sound? Not bad, right?

It’s pretty odd that a car of its reputation isn’t getting a final edition model or something along that line. Maybe GM feels that the SS hasn’t been around long enough to justify that kind of effort. Oh well, it’s pretty kickass in its regular guise at any rate.

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