Chevy Volt Owner Buys BMW i3: Why The Switch?

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Perhaps this owner of the first-generation Chevrolet Volt wasn’t patient enough; Jeff Pantukhoff was forced to buy a BMW i3 REx in replacement of his former Volt, just because the latest Volt didn’t arrive in time for him to get his pay check ready.

But he really wanted the latest 2016 Chevy Volt though, but since Chevy didn’t offer a lease deal that matches his requirements at that time, therefore he made the switch to the i3. He still has strong feelings for his Volt, but there are some things in the i3 that had made him fell hard in love with. Jeff noticed that his i3 was much more quieter and smoother than the Volt’s, higher ride height than the Volt and also much better all-around visibility.

Despite still trying to get the hang of the car; the strange shifter switch that’s mounted to the steering wheel column that works in a sort of backward manner, and also the charging port that’s placed on the rear passenger side of the car, he’s still trying his best to like the car as it is. And probably this is just a sign of open-mindedness; just goes to show that Jeff is the sort that is pleased with something new for a change, embracing it one car at a time.