Daihatsu Copen Shows That Toyota Needs Better Designers

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With such a beautifully-designed car like that, who could resist not having a ride in it?

The all-new Daihatsu Copen was only introduced last year, but car enthusiasts have already had a special place in their hearts for this beauty. If you will be in Japan for the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, you’ll definitely get to see other concept versions that are even more tempting. But don’t spoil it for us, since all we can do is to admire for afar for now.

Daihatsu has created a coupe and a shooting brake based on the convertible, exclusively for the Auto Salon. The coupe is the one pictured above, that adopts the rounded styling of the Copen Cerro, and features a sloping hunchback leading to a conventional trunk and lip spoiler. We can’t help but to think that it has an uncanny resemblance to that of the UK cabs, but still looking cute as ever. While the shooting brake sports a more aggressive face of the Copen Robe, an elongated roofline that drops abruptly at the back, and has a tinge of similarity towards the Suzuki Swift.

Now, would it be more of a thrill if Toyota sacks some of their designers in substitution of those from Daihatsu? We would love to see how that turns out.