Disney VertiGo Robot: The Spider Robot

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It could’ve been a cool sequel for Spiderman to have a robot sidekick that climbs walls like he does, right? Okay, probably not. But Disney Research recently collaborated with ETH Zürich in creating a robot car that defies gravity. In other words, it’s the first robot prototype that could climb on walls with just a single push from the propellers, despite other (possibly) cleverer robotic cars out there.

The VertiGo Robot works with only two propellers to drive up walls, adjusting its thrust according to whichever surface it runs on, and four wheels to move the robot. It can even travel through uneven surfaces like bricks too! We could have never imagined for such a tiny robot to be capable of doing things like that until we come across this video:

And though Disney is still being pretty tight-lipped about whether the robot will eventually become a real-world product, we can absolutely tell the practical uses. Apart from toying with the remote-controlled spiderbot, it can actually help save lives; if rescue robots are equipped with this technology, they could reach places where both flat ground and open spaces are in short supply. We would really like to see how this would turn out in the future!