Don’t Fret, Google’s Gmailify Won’t Need You To Create A New Gmail Address

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Previously, you’ll have to be able to have a Gmail email address in order to enjoy the functions equipped within the account that’s exclusively for Gmail users. Now you don’t have to do that anymore. That’s because Google’s latest Gmailify feature would ensure you get the best of everything Gamil has to offer without having to create an entirely new @gmail address.

In order words, you can keep your current email address because there’s no necessity to creating a new one. Such a thoughtful move from the Google team, no? That’s especially useful for those loyal Yahoo or Outlook users, because they wouldn’t want to betray their loyalty for creating a completely different email address just to enjoy the benefits of their also-favourable email service’s functions.

That just means users would be entitled to use features that include inbox organisation with automatic sorting into categories, powerful spam protection, faster search, and even better mail notification on mobile devices, just to name a few. And all you’ve got to do is just open up your Gmail app, touch on the Menu and proceed to the Settings. Then, tap on the non-Gmail account you’d wish to link with, and your current non-Gmail email address would be Gmaili-fied.

Are you looking forward to try this with your existing email address? Tell us your thoughts after successfully getting it done, in the comments section below!