Don’t Hold Your Breath For Porsche: They Won’t Go Autonomous

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Good news to Porsche enthusiasts, because your favourite automaker has no plans in producing autonomous cars. They strongly think that, “One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself,” and that alone could send grins all over Porsche fans, because there’s so much truth in that one statement.

Though the company has no intention in building a driverless car, the CEO would eventually want every Porsche to be available with a hybrid powertrain option, and that includes the 911. Moreover, a plug-in version of the famous sports coupe could be ready by 2018 and have a 31-mile EV range, according to some sources.

We have to bear in ming that Porsche is really serious about electrifying the 911, or so it seems. You can check out some of the spy shots taken courtesy of the folks from Auto Blog, and one of them shows one testing that possibly could have a charger on the passenger side rear fender.




What do you think about Porsche’s idea of electrifying the 911?