Elon Musk Dislikes Ugly Cars, Tesla Model 3 Won’t Be Like That

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Since the automaker has been pretty well known for having some of the best-designed cars in the world, we’ll really take Elon Musk’s word for having the Tesla Model 3 looking just as posh as ever. But we shouldn’t put too much expectation on it too; there’s still that possibility that the upcoming Model 3 may be a “make or break” moment for them.

Well, whether or not it will be spelling success for the company, Tesla is still planning to have it produced to a whopping 500,000 cars by 2020. Depending on the demand for the car, there’s still gonna be loads of sleepless nights for the employees. And since Elon Musk stresses the importance of having the car designed handsomely because he has a strong distaste for ugly cars, that’s really our best indication of how the Model 3 would look like.

You will be able to catch the car in the flesh pretty soon, as Tesla’s planning to showcase the Model 3 prototype early this year.