Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Won’t Be Ugly

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Well, we certainly wouldn’t hope so. The automaker’s been recognized as having some of the best designed cars in the world, and we doubt they are going to sway into the wrong direction for their upcoming model. But, we shouldn’t at all put too much expectation on Tesla too, because, well, there’s still a possibility that it might be a “make or break” moment for them.

The automaker’s also hopeful that the Tesla Model 3 would be produced to whopping amount of 500,000 cars by 2020. That certainly spells more sleepless nights for the employees, if we may say so. But more importantly, it’s how it looks that’s going to be making rounds in the market. With the CEO Elon Musk promising that the Model 3 wouldn’t look anything like other cars and since he has a strong distaste for cars with ugly designs, we’re only going to be receiving good news, right?

If you’re wondering when will you ever be catching your first glimpse on the car, mark your calendars as Tesla’s planning to showcase a Model 3 prototype in early 2016.